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Organ Donation Campaign at Blackpool

Thank you Cultural Association of Malayalees in Blackpool (CAMB) for taking the initiative of raising awareness on Organ Donation. All the members presented on 2/4/14 for the meeting joined the Organ donor register. This is really encouraging. My special thanks to Biju Mathews and all the committee members for organising this meeting. Keep up the good work and


“Kidney for Life” fund raising and promoting Organ Donation

Dear Friends, Thank you all for the prayers and support. Pradeep Jacob and Fr. Davis Chiramel (Chairman of Kidney Federation of India) successfully completed the Tandem Skydive today to support Kidney Failure patients and to raise awareness on organdonation. With your generous donation Pradeep raised £900 towards “Kidney for Life” charity. Your support, prayers and encouragement


Bone marrow Campaign among University students

Our first attempt to promote Bone Marrow Campaign with the help of Anthony Nolan Trust, organised by our Hospital Chaplain Mr. Siddiq Diwan. We were at The University of Manchester among the Muslim students after their Friday prayer. The Imam gave a short speech during the prayer session about the importance of joining the bone


Updates from Muslim Scholars Meeting (17/03/2014)

  We had a great day today. By God’s grace, we managed to organise a meeting with 35 Muslim Religious Scholars from the UK to discuss the shortage of organ donors from the Muslim community and the religious clarifications. Meeting was well received by all the Honourable Scholars and requested to take this step forward.


South Asian Organ Donation: Meeting with Muslim Religious Scholars

South Asian Organ Donation: Meeting with Religious Scholars 17th March 2014: 10.00-12.15 Venue Address: Transplant Seminar Room, 5th Floor (Transplant Lab), Central Manchester Foundation Trust, Oxford Road, Manchester, M13 9WL   Chair: Imam Siddiq Diwan Organisers: Mrs. Agimol Pradeep, Imam Siddiq Diwan and Mr Mohammed Ishtiaq Agenda: Welcome by Imam Siddiq Diwan Coffee break and

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