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Mom’s joy after daughter’s transplant

A Bradford mother says she was ‘brought to tears’ after being told her seven-year-old daughter would finally receive a much needed kidney transplant, after a matching donor was found.Moms Little seven-year-old Zayna Fatima Iqbal had been on  the kidney transplant list since May 2013 after going into renal failure seven months prior due to a condition called Focal segmental Glomerulosclerosis (FSGS).

Since then, the youngster’s family has been appealing for donors to come forward who had the ‘power to save Zayna’s life’ and finally, last month, a match was found.

Ultimately it was the donation of a kidney, from a deceased organ donor that was successfully given to Zayna, who is now recovering well in Leeds General Infirmary.

Now, her mother, Najmah, recalls the moment she was told that a match had finally be found for her daughter and the mixture of emotions that ‘overcame’ her.

“I will always remember it,” she said. “I got the phone call on the 14th November and I was just brought to tears. The time had finally come for Zayna; a match had finally been found and it was all just surreal.

“You begin to think that the time is never going to come but thankfully it did. We got to hospital and the whole day was like a dream really. It is unbelievable.”

SONY DSC SONY DSCWith no need for dialysis any more, she has began to regain her appetite for the first time in over a year, and her mother says she is ‘getting back to the old Zayna’ She said: “When you hand her over to the anesthetist and the surgeons, all we can do then is pray for her. We did know she was in good hands.

“From consultants to registrars, and sisters to staff nurses, all the staff here have been amazing. Their attentiveness and caring nature during Zayna’s transplant will never be forgotten and we would like to thank them from the bottom of our hearts.”

Zayna’s surgery came just one week before Najmah herself was due to undertake a renogram to see if she was a match for her daughter.

However, following the passing of the unnamed organ donor, the scan was cancelled. Najmah, and husband Iqbal, would now like to pass on their thanks to the family of the donor who will ‘always be in the family’s prayers’.

“When Zayna was in surgery it hit me that someone else has lost a loved one today and part of them now is waiting to give my daughter the gift of life,” Najmah said, “they were in my thoughts and it just brought me to more tears.

“Words cannot express the thanks we obviously feel towards this person and their family. I don’t know who it is but we have contacted them and hopefully it brings them some comfort to know that Zayna is well and that part of their loved one has helped save my little girl’s life.”

She added: “It is a gift you cannot thank enough for, to give that gift of life is amazing. They know that their loved one may be gone but they live on.”

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