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Organ Donation Campaign at Blackpool

Thank you Cultural Association of Malayalees in Blackpool (CAMB) for taking the initiative of raising awareness on Organ Donation. All the members presented on 2/4/14 for the meeting joined the Organ donor register. This is really encouraging. My special thanks to Biju Mathews and all the committee members for organising this meeting. Keep up the good work and let us all try our level best to spread the “Gift of Life message”. God bless



“Kidney for Life” fund raising and promoting Organ Donation

Dear Friends, Thank you all for the prayers and support. Pradeep Jacob and Fr. Davis Chiramel (Chairman of Kidney Federation of India) successfully completed the Tandem Skydive today to support Kidney Failure patients and to raise awareness on organdonation. With your generous donation Pradeep raised £900 towards “Kidney for Life” charity. Your support, prayers and encouragement is our great strength in this difficult and challenging journey. Please continue your prayers and support for this noble cause. “Accept Life, Live Life and Give Life” Please join the organ donor register via www.southasianorgandonor.org.uk

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Bone marrow Campaign among University students

Our first attempt to promote Bone Marrow Campaign with the help of Anthony Nolan Trust, organised by our Hospital Chaplain Mr. Siddiq Diwan. We were at The University of Manchester among the Muslim students after their Friday prayer. The Imam gave a short speech during the prayer session about the importance of joining the bone marrow donor register. Great success!!! around 90 Muslim students filled the forms and provided the sample to join the register. Let us all work together in saving lives. Please support in raising awareness on Organ and Bone Marrow donation. Our community needs your support. Thank you all and stay blessed. Agimol


Updates from Muslim Scholars Meeting (17/03/2014)


We had a great day today. By God’s grace, we managed to organise a meeting with 35 Muslim Religious Scholars from the UK to discuss the shortage of organ donors from the Muslim community and the religious clarifications. Meeting was well received by all the Honourable Scholars and requested to take this step forward. Which was really reassuring and a positive outcome. As this topic is very sensitive from the religious angle, this kind of meetings in the past was not that successful, which has been a real difficult issue faced by the patients and NHS. But with all your prayers and support we managed it, with the guidance from CMFT Trust, Mr. Siddiq Diwan, Mr. Afshin Tavakoli, Mr. Mohammed Ishtiaq and family. This event was recorded by BBC Asian News and I will update you on the telecasting date. Please spread the “Gift of Life” message.

Religious Scholars Meeting

Religious Scholars Meeting

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South Asian Organ Donation: Meeting with Muslim Religious Scholars

South Asian Organ Donation: Meeting with Religious Scholars

17th March 2014: 10.00-12.15

Venue Address:

Transplant Seminar Room, 5th Floor (Transplant Lab), Central Manchester Foundation Trust, Oxford Road, Manchester, M13 9WL


Chair: Imam Siddiq Diwan

Organisers: Mrs. Agimol Pradeep, Imam Siddiq Diwan and

Mr Mohammed Ishtiaq


  • Welcome by Imam Siddiq Diwan
  • Coffee break and brief self introduction
  •  Overview of the problem: Scarcity of Asian organ donors –Presentation by Mrs. Agimol Pradeep (Transplant Recipient Coordinator and PhD student)
  • Organ Donation and Transplantation: Medical and Surgical perspective- Presentation by Mr. Afshin Tavakoli (Transplant Consultant and Lead for National Organ Retrieval Team)
  • Patients Experience on living with Kidney failure and Transplantation- Sharing the personal experience by Mr. Uzzair Mohammed (Transplant Recipient)
  • Organ Donation, Transplantation and Muslim Religious views -Presentation by Imam Siddiq Diwan
  • Open Discussion
  • How can we take this matter forward?
  • Conclusion and Thank you
  • Lunch

Agimol’s vision

Most patients with renal failure consider kidney transplant to be the best treatment option and research evidence (add link to information page) supports this view.

People from within the Asian community are three to four times more likely than the general population to require an organ transplant, but unfortunately due to the negative beliefs and misinterpretation, there is scarcity of organ donors from within the Asian community. Transplants are more successful if the donors originate from the same ethnic group.

Local evidence from within the Renal Transplant Unit at Manchester Royal Infirmary indicates that between 2005-2010 15.1% people who received a kidney transplant were from an Asian background. However, during the same period there were only 1.7% of donors that came forward from Asian community compared to 96.2% of donors from white communities. Currently there are 16.9% of people on the waiting list at Manchester waiting for a kidney transplant from an Asian background, so the demand for Asian donor kidneys is high.

We hope to develop interventions that will help educate and inform people within the South Asian community of the benefits of kidney donation, and encourage people to join the donor register, in addition to discussing with their families the need to be a kidney donor. We have provided information throughout this website so please take the time to read it. We have also designed a discussion forum so you can post questions that would like answering or comments regarding the research, including ideas or events and groups within your community that we could come to speak to, or provide additional information for. If you are willing to join the register please click the link.